Top notch components

The current generation hardware, are top performers in their respective categories, and will perform well for a long time. Our Professional Services team has been supporting mission critical applications for more than ten years.

Industrial Computer

Bulky, cumbersome devices are becoming passé and paving the way for electronic gadgets with a sleek, low-profile design and Fanless Industrial Intel Core NUC with i5 Intel ULV processor CPU plus 128Gb SSD and 4GB RAM.
Made with brushed aluminium alloy, the box is not just sturdy, but also lightweight so it takes up little space, and is easy to store and transport.

This is a fanless model, which enables silent operation by eliminating noise, prevents dirt, debris, dust particles etc. from piling up inside and interfering with components, and removes possibilities of mechanical failure moving parts like the fan and its subsequent replacement.

Machine Vision Camera

The way we have designed and developed the camera for our scanning module exceeds the domain of optics and is more into robotics – ICR (intelligent character recognition).

Our very advanced ECC algorythm (error correcting code) guarantees smooth and succesfull scanning, not only for the QRcode, but also any other data placed in front of our scanning module, like IDs. Actually, our technology is similar to the military satellites reading your newspaper.

Optical scanner PCB

All the components on our custom made PCB (printed circuit board) are the result of years of R&D, prototyping and testing, requiring in-depth knowledge in fields of optics and robotics.

We don’t rely on third party providers for this critical component of our ATM. Each component is custom build in accordance with our very strict specifications, and allows us to approach a wide range of applications for the years to come.

UPS Controler

Employing an UPS makes sense if data loss from power outages is a concern or if continuous operability is required. But why internalize it? UPSs usually take the form of a large external box. An In-PC UPS is internal to the computer, in some ways like a Laptop battery. This configuration provides a variety of benefits like ease of monitoring, flexibility, size and perhaps most importantly, an In-PC UPS can’t be damaged as it is protected by the case.

Our online/double-conversion In-PC UPS is the best choice as the system stability is at stake, ensuring stable operation without disruptions of the ATM, while accommodating computing needs and protecting trading data in case of sudden power failure.

Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Wi-Fi

With the advent of wireless technology, Wi-Fi antennas are in huge demand because their capabilities and functionality is virtually unlimited – the range of applications is vast and increasing rapidly.

It provides suitable protection from acts of vandalism as it is resistant to unwarranted force.
IP67 rating – to shield from water damage, a double rubber seal is fixed on the outside along with a rubber gasket, so moisture or water droplets can’t seep in.

Cutting Edge Bank Note Authentication

Bank fraud has reached epic proportions in recent times, with the market of counterfeit bank notes growing exponentially, which calls for rigid security measures being imposed during validation.
It is the very first recycler to accept notes of multiple denominations, with a capacity of recycling up to 70 note “true” mixed denominations, and is touted to be the best in this category.

User-friendly interface while accepting notes at all acute angles. To enable cash efficiency, it is specifically engineered to straighten notes automatically before reading via a powerful centring technology. Due to its brilliant performance, the machine is able to handle high volume operations seamlessly.

Cut and Generate Tickets in a Jiffy

Ticket and receipt printing are commonplace these days with a host of practical applications ranging from parking, banking, queue management, gaming, and so on. This printer is essentially a mini powerhouse with amazing functionality that perfectly matches these requirements.

To improve speed and convenience, the printer is integrated with a patented anti-jamming technology and “tear off” system. Sensors are incorporated for head temperature, paper presence, ticket collection, paper end, and almost paper end. Seamless, professional grade cutter generates more than 1,000,000 cuts.

Reliable and Steady Power Source

The PFC circuit evens out the pulsating AC current, improving strength and consistency of the output power capability and lessening possibilities of the circuit breaker tripping sooner than usual. It is an active PFC circuit that is integrated into the switchmode power supply and boosts the PF (power factor) to more than 0.95, which increases efficiency.

Specific safety features are included to protect from short circuit, overload, and over voltage.
To keep the operating temperature within a certain range, forced air cooling is implemented by a built-in DC fan.

Takes Up Security by a Notch

Advanced Technology to detect and separate image patterns into groups based on optical parameters. Error-free process – the moment you place your finger on the sensor, it automatically identifies finger placement and extracts the fingerprint.

FBI PIV/FIPs 201 and FBI Mobile ID FAP20 certificates guarantee clear and detailed capture of fingerprints.


We chose a special aluminium alloy which allows high precision machining with great finishes, as well as high mechanical resistance reported to it’s light specific weight. It is very suitable for anodizing, providing extra protection if needed. The anodizing process (eloxation) is finalized by the pore clogging by the hydration of the oxide layer formed. Once the pores have been clogged, a better resistance to corrosion is obtained.

The porosity of the anodized surfaces allow a very good adhering to the electrostatic field painting, which we use as dye technology. This process is adequate for a durable, long lasting, abrasion and corrosion resistant coating for SumoATM.

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