How long do I have to wait to receive my ATM machine?

Average shipping time for SumoATM machines is between 7 and 14 days after the order is placed with our sales department and full payment.

Is it possible to lease the ATM under any scenario?

Leasing would be a departure from our standard business model, although it is our policy to ‘never say never’. Please contact us directly with your request and we will certainly listen to it.

Is international shipping included in the price?

The price for SumoATM is given as EXW (excluding works), which practically means that buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Logistically speaking, this can be arranged in two ways:
1. The operator can directly pick up the ATM from the BitXatm assembly facility and make all arrangements with the shipping company directly.
2. BitXatm can organize a delivery to the address anywhere in the world, with the expenses charged to the operator.

What are the shipping dimensions?

In order to protect the sensitive equipment and ensure safe delivery, the ATMs are shipped in robust wooden crates, sealed from external impact. Packaged crates ready for transport have the following dimensions: 157 x 48 x 78 cm, and weigh around 90 kg.

Are local taxes and import duties included in the ATM price or the shipping price?

No, these expenses are not a part of the price. The buyer bears full responsibility for any import duties or local taxation in the destination country.


Do I need to obtain any licenses in order to legally operate the machines?

Various jurisdictions treat virtual currencies in different ways, so the best way to learn the specifics is to consult with a local attorney.

Are there any compliance mechanisms incorporated with the machine to follow KYC/AML regulations?

Based on client’s request, we can provide full support for KYC/AML, including:
– SMS authentication (delivery guaranteed in 10 seconds)
– ID scanning (ID1 format – drivers license)
The flow and limits for the aforementioned features must be specified by the operator, while our company will implement them exactly as requested. It is our standard policy to customize the KYCs for every delivery, depending on the destination country.

Are the transaction limits for KYC possible to control manually?

In a word, yes. You can conveniently set the limits for the KYC flow on the machine for all variations – SMS, ID , – from the back-end operator account.

Is SumoATM able to validate customer IDs?

This is not true. Customer documents are scanned and stored in the format of an encrypted image, but not validated by BitXatm. Only official governmental bodies are allowed to validate ID cards and our company doesn’t have the legal status necessary to do it.

If I purchase a SumoATM without KYC features, can I update it later?

This wouldn’t be practical, since KYC features typically require installation of additional hardware, such as fingerprint readers and special scanning modules. If the machine is originally shipped in a standard form, it will be difficult to upgrade it at the operator’s location later. An upgraded ATM with a preferred range of KYC options can always be ordered as a replacement.

What ID format does BitXatm utilize for scanning?

The only scanning format currently available is ID1 (driver’s license format), but that will change in the future. A new model of ATM will be released by BitXatm during Q4 of 2019, bringing the possibility to scan documents in ID2 format (passport format).

Are Conformity Certificates issued for the ATM’s?

All equipment manufactured and delivered by BitXatm is designed and tested to meet all standards for  CE, with component individually recognition mark for the United States and Canada, etc.


How does the POS function on the SumoATM machine coexist with its ATM program?

Versatility is one of key advantages that put BitXatm ahead of the competition and the POS feature is a big contributor in this sense. It functions as an add-on feature that works in parallel with the main function of the ATM, without disrupting it in any way.

How quickly are POS transactions accepted through the SumoATM machine and how can a payment be verified?

The transactions are performed without any delay, which allows SumoATM to be practical even for operators with heavy traffic. Once the payment is made, the confirmation is displayed on the ATM’s touchscreen, listing a transaction ID for easier recognition.


Do I need a special wallet for the ATM?

That won’t be necessary, since there is one already embedded on the ATM, with top-notch security protections.

How does the ATM create wallets?

There is a dedicated bitcoin client trusted by the company to generate the wallet, thus ensuring consistency and high level of security.

Can a customer create a wallet without purchasing any bitcoin currency?

That is not possible. The purpose of the SumoATM line of machines is to facilitate transactions, not to assist customers in creating wallets for their own intentions.

Can SumoATM generate paper wallets?

Yes. In case the client doesn’t have a mobile wallet at the time of the bitcoin purchase, new wallet may be created to enable the transaction. To do that, the client simply needs to check the ‚I need a bitcoin wallet’ option before completing the transaction.

Can customers buy crypto-currencies with their credit cards?

The only types of transactions allowed on SumoATM machines are purchases of crypto-currency with fiat money and exchange of crypto-currency for fiat money. Credit cards can’t be used instead of fiat money.

Does the ATM accept dual currency?

With addition of custom firmware, the ATM can be optimized to accept mixed currency. A popular combination is USD/EUR, but any other currency could be used instead. However, mixed currency recycling is not possible at this time, which means payments must be made in a single currency.

Is it possible to add other crypto-currencies on the SumoATM ATM?

As with many other features, BitXatm machines can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. Support for altcoins can be provided, on the condition that the company has the capacity to support the selected crypto-currency.

Does BitXatm charge fees from ATM operators like other manufacturers?

Absolutely we charge the operator for the normal usage of the ATM from 0.1% to 1%. depends of the volume for the transaction.

Can operators charge a fee for every sale made through the ATM?

Operators have full control over the commissions/fees on their machines. Exact values can be set either from the ATM’s Admin Area, or remotely through the Backoffice account.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no hidden fees or recurring expenses for operators of standard ATM’s. Real expenses are exactly as listed on the company website, with full transparency guaranteed.
In case the operator is asking for custom features on the machine, it is possible that extra fees would be charged on project basis, depending on the complexity of the intervention.


Does daily management of the ATM require hiring additional technical personnel?

Our advanced crypto-currency ATM’s are extremely user-friendly and no additional employees are needed to operate them. Once the machine goes online, it is automatically linked to the BitXatm cloud platform, where the operator gets his own Backoffice account. All the tools for remote monitoring and management of the ATM, as well as update of the available functions, are accessible through the Backoffice account.

What level of technical skill is needed to setup and operate SumoATM?

All equipment delivered by BitXatm is plug-and-play and practically anyone should be able to perform the activation within +/- 30 minutes. In other words, you don’t need to have any technical skills or to hire a professional technician to make the ATM fully functional.

Is the setup procedure technically complicated and what are the steps?

The machines are automatically linked to our secure cloud platform and operator’s exchange account through an API. Management and monitoring of the ATMs can be conveniently done through the backend account, while HelpDesk system is available on a 24/7 basis. When a new client purchases his first ATM, our standard procedure is to organize a training session on Skype to assist with installation and daily handling of the machine.

Is there a demo of the backend solution that I could test-drive?

Since the solution runs in real-time in a cloud, offering public accounts could compromise some of the security features. That’s why public demos are not possible right now.

If I purchase more than one ATM machine, can I manage them jointly?

Yes, all machines will be connected to the same unique backend account, where they will appear as items that can be accessed individually.

Can I link the ATM to my exchange account through an API?

This can easily be done from the backend operator account. All trading from the ATM is directed to a chosen exchange, and transferred through a secure network. All trades will be executed according to the set of instructions defined for that particular exchange.

How can the operator choose the best exchange platform to be used by the ATM?

You can simply select any exchange API and notify BitXatm. We will take care of the technical side and implement the exchange, although we generally don’t make any recommendations in regards to quality of individual exchange API’s.

As ATM operator, do I need 3rd party hosting?

Not at all, since BitXatm takes care of this part through its SaaS Backoffice solution.

Is it possible to customize and brand the external appearance of the ATM?

It certainly is, and can be done in two different packages, depending on customer’s needs:
1. While Label Package – full customization of the ATM, with the goal to achieve look and feel that is 100% consistent with customer’s original visual identity.
2. Project-based branding – in this case, much more than just appearance is customized. Changes can be made to the BackOffice dashboard, and additional features installed.

Is the interface fully customizable and could specific functions be added?

Since the ATM’s run the proprietary OS developed by BitXatm, it is possible to change just about every aspect of the interface. The customer needs to send a detailed specification of the desired changes and the ATM will be delivered with a customized version of the embedded OS.

How many different languages are supported?

By default, BitXatm equipment comes with 4 display languages (ENG, FR, DE, SP). More languages can be added at customer’s request. While we are willing to install any language, the customer would have to provide accurate translation in advance of the order.

Is it possible to add third-party services (money transfers, remittance, top ups…) to the ATM functions?

This can be done through an API, but close collaboration between the customer’s technical department and BitXatm will be necessary for everything to work smoothly.


How can the ATM be connected to the internet?

There are two methods that can be used for this purpose:
1. LAN include: Connection through a cable (RJ45).
2. Wireless include: Connection through a military grade antenna, which can be enable or disable. This method is particularly suitable for locations where a wired connection would be difficult to implement, i.e. shopping malls.

Is it possible to use your ATMs with 110V – 230V outlets?

It is possible to adjust the equipment for compatibility with any specifications. If the voltage needs to be different than 220V, it is necessary to list proper value when placing an order.


Does the ATM machine come with any kind of warranty?

Our company provides a standard 12 month warranty for all purchases. At customer’s request, special agreement can be made to extend the warranty period to 24 or even 36 months.

What happens in case there is a hardware problem with the machine?

All components used to construct BitXatm equipment are industrial-grade, designed to endure long periods of intense utilization. In the course of our business activities we are yet to experience a single case of hardware failure, although we are prepared for such eventuality.

If the problem occurs during the warranty period (12-36 months), BitXatm will assume full responsibility to make the machine operable again, even if the ATM needs to be replaced.

Is there a customer support policy in place?

Yes, of course. Full support is available every day around the clock through our HelpDesk system. The ticketing system is put in place to facilitate troubleshooting, requests for new projects and direct questions from customers. The level of urgency can be set from Low to Urgent to give our team a hint how to prioritize requests. In situations when it’s necessary to have live contact with the customer, this can be arranged via Skype or phone.


Are there any showrooms where the ATM’s could be seen and tested?

We believe that the best demonstration is to see the machine in practice. BitXatm has worldwide deployment on 4 continents and depending on your location, it could be possible to arrange a visit to one of our operators. Please send us a request and state your country of residence and we will put you in contact with the operator closest to you.

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